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Elite Mentorship Course :

This course offered includes multiple intraday and swing trading strategies for all the aspiring traders out there.

If you are someone looking :

  • 1. To become a full-time trader
  • 2. Understanding the psychology of institutional traders
  • 3. Controlling and grasping the uncertainty of ever-changing market conditions and tilting it so that it Favours you in all the market situations, then Congratulations! this ELITE MENTORSHIP is just for you. This mentorship course covers every spectrum of the stock market so that one can become a good swing or intraday trader.

Ideal for :
  • Beginners
  • Housewives
  • Businessmen
  • Job holders, who aspire to make a constant passive flow of income with the help of trading in stock-market.

  • Basic of Stock market and fundamentals
  • Technical analysis
  • Price action
  • Candle sticks patterns
  • Advanced candle stick patterns
  • Classical chart patterns
  • Indicators and oscillators
  • Implementing precise trading strategies
  • Trading psychologies, money management and risk aversion
  • " Mongers Super Setup "
  • An year of access to our courses and mentorship

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